Dream of men and women is to make the right choice

The dream of many men and women is to make the right choice, to find the perfect pair for a happy life together during many years, for the birth and upbringing of children, eventually, to the continuation of the family. However, collisions with reality can lead sometimes to bitter disappointment. Therefore, in order to avoid mistakes, sometimes fatal ones, it is better to have an idea of what should be a perfect match. Here we describe some psychological aspects of the right choice problem to try to help people not to be confused in such a crucial deal.

Psychological types of personality

Trying to find your ideal option i.e. to make the right choice, you need to start with self-knowledge, to determine your personality type and find the most compatible type to fit. There are 4 options:

- choleric: man, full of energy and ideas, excitable, impulsive, determined, sometimes unpredictable, easily switches from one case to another, very sociable and able to achieve great success in the communication with people;

- sanguine is a man with a kind and open heart, sympathetic, emotional, charming, for him the most important is the "human factor";

- phlegmatic is reliable and persistent, and the people are very introverted, reserved, sometimes stubborn and slow;

- melancholy is gentle, humble, extremely vulnerable, timid, shy, hard going through separation, it is difficult to be rebuilt for something new, afraid of change and is not able to fit them.

Of course, people do not always have a pronounced personality portrait, there are often combined several types with one prevailing. To most accurately define the type of temperament, you can use special psychological tests.

Optimal combination of psychological types

Each type is different, but all the same for each one there exist the most suitable partner. Usually people with opposite types of temperament can develop the strongest relations. They seem to complement each other, which can mean to make the right choice, being their habits and preferences not disturbing for neither of them. A choleric ideally fits a phlegmatic and a melancholic fits a sanguine. Couple phlegmatic - melancholic, as well as sanguine - choleric are doomed to failure, because there is no leader in the first one and there are simultaneously two leaders in the second one.

Even less consistent from the psychological point of view will be a pair of choleric and melancholic, as well as phlegmatic and sanguine. For an easily excitable choleric it will be hard not to offend a sensitive melancholic, while the inconsistency of a sanguine will irritate a conservative phlegmatic. Considering the options of the same temperaments, it can be clear that the more successful are considered to be the unions of two phlegmatic or two melancholic, in which cases, each partner will take care of the existing union.

Wanting to find the perfect companion i.e. to make the right choice, each person must start with self-analysis. Identify your strengths and weaknesses. Try to overcome the complexes and the fear of failure. Analyzing past mistakes, do not blame anyone for something that did not happen successfully.

Psychologists have developed a variety of tests to identify the points of contact between individuals. These tests are usually based on the statistics of the study of large amount of people. However, getting an unexpected or not favorable result of a psychological test, do not hurry up to part with a partner with whom you are well, contrary to the results of the test. Remember that there are no rules without exceptions. Perhaps your union, though unusual and not boding well for the future together, will be the perfect and durable one, may be it will mean to make the right choice. It is important to recognize and respect the needs of the partner and be able to selflessly give in to your loved one.

Ultimately, the only love defines all that could not be accounted for in the rules of the psychological tests. It is to understand that the love is the most important and most valuable in any union of two people, regardless of whether this alliance will be long or short one, quiet or will be accompanied by quarrels and insults. The reason why the love can appear are not possible to determine, even using the most modern and sophisticated research. So it is, probably, impossible to decide how to make the right choice. The beauty and personal charm have huge importance, far much more than any tests and speculation connected with them. I think, only irresistible attraction of people to each other is able hint them how to make the right choice. There is nothing more valuable than the reciprocal love between two people, and only there can be their happiness.

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