Fall in love is a great luck

Love is the feeling which completely absorbs a person. When people fall in love, they are covered with a strong desire to possess the object of his passion, merging with it in whole. This is an insatiable passion which is almost impossible to completely satisfy. Nature gave people the brilliant opportunity to unite passion with unearthly joy, a priceless gift that is called sex. Sexual link delivers the lovers an inexplicable pleasure both corporal and spiritual. They are eagerly waiting to see each other and when meeting do not want to part, are ready to pass an eternity together. Sexual relations serve as a beginning for a new life, a birth of children, that fills people with utter joy and gives life a new meaning.

On the Internet people really fall in love, a kind of platonic love

However, with the advent of the Internet such an interesting phenomenon has appeared as the love on the Internet, a kind of platonic love. Men and women of various types have been coming on the dating sites which nowadays are of the most visited resources. Some of this people come just to have fun, others come in search of their soul mate. Often, in reality, this communication does not continue for long, but, nevertheless, many people become strongly attached to each other in the course of a long correspondence, and it may say they really fall in love platonically.

Having at their disposal only a computer monitor and a photo, hearts are still being filled with a gleeful sense at a next message of the interlocutor. An enormous distance or even the absence of voice do not prevent the emergence of a reverent love. A relaxed expression and uninhibited communication of lovers at their monitors build trust, which is so difficult to achieve in real meetings, especially at the stage of a beginning relationship.

So, communicating on dating sites on the internet, people really fall in love. These relationships can last for a long time, possibly up until when one of the partners meets a real loved one.

There is another kind of love without sex and without marriage, which is associated with scientific and technical achievements, build relationships via mobile phone. Among the services provided by mobile operators, there is "dating". Sending a message to a specific number, one can easily get acquainted with a person of the opposite sex and to communicate via telephone. This kind of dating is very commonly used by young people today. The voice, the intonation of the interlocutor, his way to express thoughts can so strongly impact in the heart, that a youngster may truly fall in love. The situation when lovers are at a great distance from each other can be considered a love without sex. Circumstances, miles and time cannot erase from their loving hearts those exciting feelings. Love continues to live in their thoughts, memories and dreams, growing to be stronger and hotter. Not having an intimate relationship, however, partners with love and tenderness think about each other and mentally feel connected.

As it is not sad, but nowadays as in ancient times there is unrequited love. People which fall in love are being burnt in amorous flames, but the object of passion may neither share the passionate feelings, nor even may sometimes be aware of them. Of course, sex in such a relationship is impossible.

But that does not reduce the love, and rather the opposite, kindle it. With the lack of the sensual intimacy an unrequited love doesn't become weaker. For many years, these feelings do not go away while the lover continues to love the object of their worship. Many famous people were obsessed by such a love - writers, artists, composers, and inspired by it to the creation of masterpieces. Sometimes there is a thin line between different kinds of love, which can be so intangible that it is difficult to distinguish. And yet, despite every person, naturally, wants an amorousness to convert into a carnal love, a love without sex also takes a place in our lives. In both cases the most important things in a relationship are the sincerity and profoundness of feelings.

And say more, whether a love platonic or carnal, it is always a love, so to fall in love can be considered the most beautiful and precious what can happen to a human being.

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