Conflicting opinions about finding love

There exist many opinions, sometimes conflicting, about how one can find a true love. People that have learned to find love through their own pain and heart-break, who acquired their experience through making mistakes, trials and errors, want to share their experience with others. They write in their blogs, telling their life stories and giving helpful advices. Readers start heated debates and express their own opinions. This way one can get invaluable knowledge in such a complicated matter, which can help save them from much troubles and sufferings and, what’s most important, to work their way among violent passions and feelings. It is priceless experience in the matter that people certainly do not study in the schools and universities. It gives them an idea that there are many men and women who are good fit them.

As with all things concerning the soul, there is somewhat of utter magic of the universe in search of love. There are no random things. Everything happens for some unknown reason. The best thing you can do is to try to become yourself the most outstanding person possible. The universe will know when you are ready for love, and for sure a true love will happen, unexpectedly.

On the other hand, the dating is about identifying the qualities you need most in a partner for a future relationship, and it is about the selection through as many people as it takes until you find someone who possesses all the best qualities you need, who is really good fit. There are the two viewpoints that are somehow conflicting. One of them tells that a love may appear like a fairy from a magic tale and the other that finding love requires a hard work, that it must be sought by selection of the best personal qualities of dating partners.

Both opinions were expressed by people who have read the very insightful and helpful article written by Tina Su. Tina says that regardless of a culture, of education level or economic status, at the depth of all people there are the same desires - to love, to be loved, and to be happy in love. Of course people add other desires to this list, like money and wealth and fancy things, but when one peers into it, the reason for wanting to possess all these is that people can result more desirable, and will hopefully be loved and accepted.

How to find true love

This is the name of this article that was written because of the great importance of the issue it addresses: If love is something so fundamentally important to people, then why there are so many issues and misunderstandings in the area of finding it? May be, the reason is that most of girls and youngsters have never been educated in this fundamental area of their development. May be they do not know that there are a great number of men and women who are good fit each other. Probably, they didn’t grow up in families where there were relationship experts, and they certainly didn’t study relationships in their school curriculums. For most of them, the challenge has been an adventure in trial and error and they were learning to find love through pain and heart-break. But the author invites us to consider an easier way to go!

Set a list of desired qualities

The author suggests some controversial but still worth of attention method of determining a set of desired qualities that a perspective partner is expected to have, which should be formulated and kept in mind. In order to have a worthwhile and long-term relationship the partners must get the best fit where the most important values for both of them are met. They must have life goals that align with one another and have a mutual attraction, understanding, and level of respect for each other. Both must be committed to make the partnership their top priority. Fortunately, there are plenty of men and women who are good fit each other.

Relationship education and self-respect first

The article resulted in a heated argument of readers, supporting ones the authors’ approach and raising objections the others. Though, some things remain indisputable. The best thing people can do for themselves and their love life is to get relationship education, whether getting it from a library or being taught by experts. It’s just not the information that we have been taught while growing up. Also it’s extremely important to respect yourself first. Once you respect your own thoughts and emotions it makes much easier to respect someone else’s. Don’t get on with relations that don’t work for you. There is no perfect person, but there are a lot of potential good fits. There are always disagreements and problems. What makes people compatible is how they work through their issues and make the relationship stronger. But it is always to remember that there are a big number of men and women who are good fit each other and it has to be taken it into account.

Nowadays there are nearly seven billion people on the planet. So it is a matter of filtering through potential partners until one finds a good partner.

Love is complex and random

Though there are plenty of men and women who are good fit each other, however, it is to add that love often tends to be much more complex and random. The truth is that if you have access to a wide range of people and they have access to you, you increase your odds of finding someone. Life is too random and chaotic to fit some schemes about how to find someone. One of the chief properties is being sociable. You can be a completely singular person – far from perfect, of course – but if you are in a connection with many people you are much more likely to find someone to be in a relationship with. And even to be happy!

So, it is undoubtedly interesting to read this well thought out and informative article on finding love. The amazing thing about relationships is that we can as well learn very much about ourselves through whom we attract into our lives. Every single relationship, good or bad, long or short, all serve as a mirror for us, so that we can learn much about ourselves! For more information on this topic, you can read the chapter fourth of “The Female Brain“ by Dr. Louann Brizendine. Read also an insightful article How to Find True Love.

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